Height Adjustable Picatinny Riser Mount for Aimpoint Standard Footprint


Solid & Durable: Strongly build-in premium aircraft-grade aluminum with anodizing finish. One works for all and lasts for all.

Mounting System: Riser base fits 20-22 mm rail, including standard Picatinny rail. Riser top works on all red dots that using standard AP Micro footprint.

Height Adjustable: Riser adjustable from 0.35 inches to 0.75 inches, allows different effective shooting range.

Compatible with Standard Micro Footprint: AP Micro H-1 / H-2 / T-1 / T-2; PA Micro Dot;MAKdot S;Blaser RD 17;Crossfire;Sparc AR;Minox RV1;HS403 Except "A" / 503/ 515 / 530; Romeo 4 / 5; DI SP1; Athlon TSR 2;Actus Core 1 / 2

Collections: Parts & Accessories

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