2-PACK Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Gun Hooks


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  • It holds unless your wall breaks: Our hooks are designed for almost all kinds of weapons such as shotgun, long rifle, sword, tomahawk no matter how long it is or how heavy it is. Our hooks are 1.2 inches deep so you should not have any problem holding your collections.
  • Looks fashionable if no huge color difference: Pairing up the hooks and organizing your collections on the wall is always a great showoff in front of others. Unlike gun racks, gun hooks are not taking so many spaces and are easy to fit in.
  • Storing, showing, and protecting: It makes you happy whenever you see all your collections, isn't it? Our hooks are coated with felt padding to ensure they don't harm your "treasures". No pain, no scratches.
  • No instruction needed to mount them: Well, find the wall studs then mount with the two provided screws is all I'm about to say for this point.
  • Lifetime warranty offered for the hooks: How could it be damaged? Call on a free return if they got damaged during shipping. Yes, that's the only possible issue you might have with it. Couldn't imagine what the carriers do with all innocent boxes.

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