12 Gauge Shell Holder for Mossberg 500/590/Shockwave, Side Mounted with Picatinny Rail Mount


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Knine Outdoors side-mounted shell holder is an attachment specifically designed for Mossberg 500, 590, and Shockwave series shotgun models.

The side mount allows attaching 6 of 12-gauge shotgun shells, designed for fast reloading, won't scratch or cause wear to any attaching parts.

If your shotgun comes with factory drilled mounting holes on top, our mount will fit perfectly there. If not, please find the nearest gunsmith store to have them drill holes for you. 

The mount comes with 5.47 inches 13-slot Picatinny rail, which you could apply red dots and scopes on. All red dots and scopes that design for 20-22 mm rail should work on it. Easy to assemble and stable to last.

Providing worry-free purchase and satisfaction, we offer our usual strong warranty and friendly customer service to help you enjoy this mount for years to come.

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