Scope Leveler Combo for Rifle Scopes


  • Package Includes: 1 rail leveler; 1 low-height wedge; 1 high-height wedge
  • Durable Materials: all components are made of high-end aluminum, light but solid
  • Compatible with: almost all type of scopes. Low-height wedge is designed for those low-power scope such as 1-4 / 1-6 / 1-8 and high-height wedge is designed for those 3-9 / 4-16 / 6-24.
  • How to use: place the rail leveler on your gun rail or scope mount frame, under the scope turret; insert the proper wedge between the rail leveler and make sure the top of the wedge touches the bottom of the scope turret.
  • How it works: the perfectly diagonal slot machined on the rail leveler matches the two wedges’ edge, which ensures your scope turret bottom completely parallel to your gun rail.

Collections: Gunsmithing & Calibrating

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