All-in-one Screwdriver Repair Kit Maintenance Toolset with Files, Hex Key Set, Pin Punches, Set of 138 Pieces


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  • ALL-in-ONE: Our 157-piece multi-function toolset has almost everything you need for convenient and effective repair and maintenance. Including ratcheting wrenches, rubber hammer, long-nose plier, magnetic collector, bit adapters, files & pin punches, magnetic screw retriever, and screw heads in Flat, Phillips, Hex, & Torx styles.
  • Durable & Portable: This toolset is made of strong and sturdy S2 steel. All tools are protected with anti-rust oil to be corrosion resisted for maintenance purposes. The all-in-one box is designed for well-organizing, storage, and transport.
  • Choose the Right: All flat screw heads are hollow-ground to perfectly fit all the screws. We have 54 flat bits differentiated by sizes, enough for you to fix all the weird designs. Incase of working at a very limited space, we have straight ratchet and T-bar ratchet. And we have standard-sized file and mini file sets if you need to handcraft on metal or wood.
  • Need & Get: You might need files, pin punches, and hex keys for repairing but not very often. Think about how many sets you've already bought and where you've left them and how many times you were using a hex key in inches to fix an imported machine that comes with nuts in mm. We collect all of them for you.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our strong warranty and friendly customer service have your six covered. Extra anti-rust oil is recommended for longer-lasting.

Collections: Gunsmithing & Calibrating

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